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Affinity Media Consulting Specializes in Three Brand Areas:  Coaching, Design, and Publishing.


•  Our coaching services help creative entrepreneurs build strong brands to position them at the forefront 
of the marketplace to attract dream clients.

•  As your trusted magazine publisher, we help local businesses build their brands with the most

influential homeowners using a two-touch, digital and print, campaign.


•  As your brand agency partner, we help teams produce creative deliverables to support your brand

while saving time and money.

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I'm Vatrice Chestnut

I’m Vatrice Chestnut - branding expert, magazine publisher and productivity champion! I love being creative, both visually and cognitively, and therein lies the soul of Affinity Media Consulting.


When I’m not helping clients reach new heights, I enjoy savouring moments with my family and nature on a good old bicycle.

What Clients Say About Affinity Media Consulting​

Launching a vision that needs support to be sustained is a difficult task, but Affinity Media Consulting relieved the pressure of planning by refocusing me on the details of the brand. Vatrice has a tough-love approach that holds one accountable to the service knowledge, clear purpose, and intent for the service so it can stand the test of time.


Learning about my team’s superpowers was probably the most important part because understanding how people work with each other and who they are allowed us to understand how we could best serve others. It also taught me why I communicate the way I do. Having a skilled professional like Vatrice Chestnut to guide us through the brand development process has given me a clear objective for this business. Thank you so much Affinity Media Consulting!

Amanda F. Standard

SoundXpressed Dance Company

Vatrice is a bonafide graphic design expert with a real penchant for completing projects on time and on budget. Even when adjustments had to be made for the Birmingham Diversity Summit or collateral materials for the Birmingham Venture Club, Vatrice remained calm by drawing on her years of experience and creative resourcefulness

Ed Fields

Senior Advisor & Chief Strategist

City of Birmingham

Vatrice is a hard worker and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. One can always count on Vatrice for her professionality and strong command of her work.

Carol Gary

Research Professional

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