Hire Me as Your Creative Business Coach

Do you have big dreams for your creative business that are hindered by doubts and obstacles? I will help you move beyond all that sludge so you can give life to your grand ideas!

  • PART 1

    In the first part of this training, we'll kick things off with a mental detox and wash away your fear of failure. We'll take steps to set smart goals and discover ways to empower you to take control of your life. We will embrace imperfection and open our minds to deeper knowledge. We will reprogram our minds and wire them for success.


    Lessons include:

    • Program introduction
    • Program overview
    • Adopting a successful mindset
    • What is branding?
  • PART 2

    In the second part of the coaching, we will uncover ways to get your top-notch services noticed by your dream clients. We will build a brand that represents the true spirit of your business! We will navigate your complex world, unravel your superpowers and discover your unique brand - everyone has one and we will find yours.


    Next, it's time to figure out your client. Sure, you communicate with them already...But do they feel understood by you?


    To answer that question, we will dive into the minds of your dream client and discover what moves them, annoys them, confuses them and inspires them.


    We will use this knowledge to define your brand archetype and build customized brand messaging that is in sync with your clients' desires, thus clearing the path for effective communication. 
    Lessons include:

    • Discover your irresistible brand
    • How dream clients see you
    • What’s your freedom number?
    • Identify your dream client
    • Develop your package offer
  • PART 3

    In the third part of the training after you've deciphered what your brand is, we will give your dream clients a dozen reasons to choose your services among the plethora of competitors by developing a brand they can't resist!

    We will carefully move through the interconnected stages of creating a compelling brand where we carry out competitor research, develop your touchstone, choose a brand name, design brand visuals and set up an online presence for your business.

    After all that work, you've created a brand that promises your clients an amazing experience.

    Does every customer go home with a smile, never missing an opportunity to praise you and refer you to their friends, colleagues and family?

    We'll make sure that happens by perfecting your customer experience management strategy.

This online coaching program is designed to let you learn at your own pace and have the option of a coach to increase your chances of reaching your goal. The program includes eight modules, downloadable materials, best practices and technology recommendations.


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Sheriann T​.

"Affinity Media Consulting has helped me so much during my brand development process. Vatrice’s methods are well-thought out and most importantly, THEY WORK! I would highly recommend her expertise for anyone building or revamping their business."

Consultant, Speaker, Trainer

Kelly L.​

"I’ve been truly blessed by this [coaching] process so far, Vatrice. Thanks a million for your time, insight/expertise!"


Nonprofit Employee


Dance Professional


Dance Professional

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