We are passionate about helping your agency produce amazing designs and publications within your brand guidelines. We have more than 25 years experience helping organizations:

  • define brands that connect with target markets.
  • produce publications in a cost-effective manner, including graphic design, creative project management, production, printing and distribution.
  • create and implement strategies to repurpose content across multiple distribution channels.
  • operate more efficiently to create scalable growth.


We’ve gotten so good at it that many of our clients save time and money while working with us.


  • Save time and money

    We understand you don’t have time to waste on several rounds of proofing. The monotony of the back and forth is frustrating and draining. We get it right the first time because we have quality control measures built into our workflows.

  • Proven past performance

    Our past performance includes working successfully with other government agencies, magazine publishers, nonprofit organizations, and trade associations.

  • 30+ years of experience

    You’re in good hands with Affinity Media Consulting because you will have an award-winning team with more than 30 years of experience in the creative industry by your side!

  • Graphics Design


    We design graphics and publications so all people, regardless of their ability or disability, can access, understand and use them. We believe everyone should have access to useful information, so it is the standard of our design principles. Therefore, we design to WCAG 2.0 standards. 




508 and ADA compliance means that your online documents have undergone a procedure to make them accessible to the hard of sight. This means that when a person with limited vision accesses your documents with a screen reader, the reader makes the page come alive for them and gives them the same information a sighted person has access to, in a logical and easy to follow manner.


Screen readers have empowered the visually impaired to have a level of access and usability to online equipment. Our team provides reliable cost-effective remediation solutions to make sure you can reach this valuable group.


​Our team understands the importance of designing with 508 Compliance in mind. We plan ahead for accessibility rather than apply it after the fact. We use software that offers a direct workflow and reduces the time and effort required to produce accessible, compliant PDF documents. 


We can also perform 508 remediation on Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents to all levels of accessibility, including WCAG 2.0.


Each document is returned to you with a compliance report, which is your proof that your document meets all the requirements.

Affinity Media Consulting LLC [AMC] was hired to design a major annual report to Congress for the Peace Corps.  We could not be more pleased with their professionalism and the final result.


From an artistic standpoint, AMC did a brilliant job of taking our ideas and expressing them visually, which is no easy feat to accomplish with an annual report. On the project management side, they were true to their tagline—Efficient Work—they met all deadlines and kept the project within quoted prices. 

When we sought an external design consultant, it was essential to work with someone with branding expertise to collaborate with our internal team and the talent and aptitude to understand our brand and what works.  AMC fit our criteria for this role by providing first-rate team support along with the outside graphic sensibilities and focus on quality that we deemed essential for this signature publication. At every stage, we found AMC to be reliable and responsive, committed to meeting our needs, and keeping the project on track. We equally valued her keen eye for detail and nuance. AMC delivered on all accounts. We could not have been in better hands.

 ~ Gaye White

Chief of Operations, Office of Communications, Peace Corps

  • Creative Project Management

    Creative project management is the process of managing creative tasks while moving projects toward completion. We communicate and collaborate with your clients, stakeholders, and creative team to brainstorm, plan, and deliver projects. We communicate and collaborate with people from all backgrounds and with different skill sets.


    We’ve mastered the art of being flexible yet firm to meet milestones with excellence. 


    In a nutshell, we centralize the project process, balance creativity with organization, develop frameworks for creative operations and design the deliverables.

Brandire helps organizations harness the power of their stories so they can better connect with their audience through marketing, branding and design. Affinity Media Consulting was so instrumental in helping us gain capacity. As an agency, we worked with them to help us create systems and processes needed to grow my business. 


When I first started working with them, I was just an agency of one, but while working with Vatrice, she was very instrumental in helping me think through all of the systems that I needed to put in place, as well as the processes that I needed to establish so I could scale my team from just being a one-person team. 


I'm happy to say that since then, I am now a team of four and growing, and it's all because of the work and the assistance that I received by working with Affinity Media Consulting.

 ~ Madia Brown

Chief Storytelling Strategist, Brandire

  • Communications Strategy

    We help agencies develop clear, effective communication strategies because they represent a roadmap to success. We work with teams to clarify business goals and objectives. Then we help develop the relationship between the audience, messaging, channels, materials, and activities, and ensure there is consistency across all mediums within your agency. We employ a 360-approach that encompasses both internal and external factors. This tackles communicating from both inside and outside the organization.

The communications strategy Affinity Media Consulting [AMC]provided was very valuable to us as a team. We have a three-member team with three, distinctly different perspectives and favor three distinct target audiences. AMC helped us catalog our goals, needs, and messaging in a way that was clear, concise and collaborative, which ensured everyone was heard and all the audiences received the appropriate attention and messaging. 

The work is intense and messy at first, but the creative, open-ended process is brought together in a usable document. We refer to the document over and over again when creating content and messaging for all channels of communication with the world.

 ~ Charissa Garcia

Design Challenge Coordinator, SourceAmerica


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